How to provide ‘Select all checkboxes’ option in Drupal 7

Drupal has provided Form API’s to create checkboxes easily unfortunately it didn’t offer a select all / deselect all checkboxes option.

But no worries, there are plenty of contributed modules are present in Drupal site which will help us to extend the Drupal functionality. ¬†One of the module which we are going to use it called ‘checkall’ module. Please click the below link to see the module:

The above module gives us “check all” / “toggle” / “uncheck all” actions to the checkbox group. Let’s see how to activate this in a form.

Step 1:

First install and activate the module.

Step 2:

Then ‘Add a new field’ in the Article content type as shown below:


Step 3:

Add some values in the list as shown below:


Step 4:

Finally Enable the below option and in the field settings select ‘Unlimted’:


That’s it you have successfully enabled the checkall option for the check-boxes.

Let’s see how it displays in the article section


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